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SELL - DRAM / 1MX16 FP / TSOP / Leaded / 3.3 V / TAPE ON REEL / EOL

66% Off!
Datecode 04+
IC-Code 1MX16 FP
Gehäuse TSOP
Verpackung TAPE ON REEL
Spannungsversorgung 3.3 V
Standard Stückzahl 1000
Hersteller SAMSUNG
Produktkategorie DRAM
RoHS Leaded

K4F151612D-TC60T00 :

1M x 16Bit CMOS Dynamic RAM with Fast Page Mode


This is a family of 1,048,576 x 16 bit Fast Page Mode CMOS DRAMs. Fast Page Mode offers
high speed random access of memory cells within the same row. Power supply voltage (+5.0V or +3.3V),
refresh cycle (1K Ref. or 4K Ref.), access time (-50 or -60), power consumption(Normal or Low power)
and package type(SOJ or TSOP-II) are optional features of this family. All of this family have CAS-before-RAS
refresh, RAS-only refresh and Hidden refresh capabilities. Furthermore, Self-refresh operation is available in
L-version. This 1Mx16 Fast Page Mode DRAM family is fabricated using Samsungs advanced CMOS process
to realize high band-width, low power consumption and high reliability. It may be used as graphic memory unit
for microcomputer, personal computer and portable machines.


   K4F151612D-J(T) (3.3V, 1K Ref.)

•  Fast Page Mode operation
•  2 CAS  Byte/Word Read/Write operation
•  CAS-before-RAS refresh capability
•  RAS-only and Hidden refresh capability
•  Self-refresh capability (L-ver only)
•  TTL(5V)/LVTTL(3.3V) compatible inputs and outputs
•  Early Write or output enable controlled write
•  JEDEC Standard pinout
•  Available in 42-pin SOJ 400mil and 50(44)-pin TSOP(II) 400mil packages
•  Single +5V–10% power supply (5V product)
•  Single +3.3V–0.3V power supply (3.3V product


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