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Datecode 10+
Part No 32MX16 ONE-NAND
Package FBGA
Outpack TRAY
Voltage 3.3 V
Std. Pack Qty 1600
Temperature INDUSTRIAL


General Overview  

OneNAND™‚ is a monolithic integrated circuit with a NAND Flash array using a NOR Flash interface. This device
includes control logic, a NAND Flash array, and 5KB of internal BufferRAM. The BufferRAM reserves 1KB for boot
code buffering (BootRAM) and 4KB for data buffering (DataRAM), split between 2 independent buffers. It has a x16
Host Interface and a random access time speed of ~76ns.

The device operates up to a maximum host-driven clock frequency of 66MHz for synchronous reads at Vcc(or Vccq.
Refer to chapter 4.2) with minimum 6-clock latency. Below 40MHz it is accessible with minimum 3-clock latency. 
Appropriate wait cycles are determined by programmable read latency.

OneNAND provides for multiple sector read operations by assigning the number of sectors to be read in the sector
counter register. The device includes one block-sized OTP (One Time Programmable) area and user-controlled 1st block
OTP(Block 0) that can be used to increase system security or to provide identification capabilities.

Product Features

          •   Supply Voltage:                          3.3V(2.7V to 3.6V)
          •   Host Interface:                           16 bit
          •   5KB Internal BufferRAM:             1KB BootRAM, 4KB DataRAM

Synchronous Burst Read
            - Up to  66MHz clock frequency
            - Linear Burst 4-, 8-, 16-, 32-words with wrap around
            - Continuous 1K words Sequential Burst
Asynchronous Random Read
            - 76ns access time
Asynchronous Random Write
Latency 3,4(Default),5,6 and 7.
              1~40MHz : Latency 3 available
              1~66MHz : Latency 4,5,6 and 7 available
Up to 4 sectors using Sector Count Register
Cold/Warm/Hot/NAND Flash Core Reset
up to 64 Blocks
Typical  Power,
   - Standby current : 35uA
   - Synchronous Burst Read current(66MHz) : 25mA
   - Load current : 30mA
   - Program current : 28mA
   - Erase current : 23mA
   - Multi Block Erase current : 23mA
   - Endurance : 100K Program/Erase Cycles
   - Data Retention : 10 Years

Package : 67FBGA(LF)




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